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W. Cagney McCormick | The Policy Attorney

W. Cagney McCormick and his attorneys at The McCormick Law Firm only work on personal injury claims ranging from company vehicle accidents to dangerous premise claims to severe work injury accidents.

Regardless of the value of the case, the injury sustained, or the defendant, our emphasis is on preparing your case for trial. A rigorous investigation process is the first step towards success. If there is existing evidence that helps your case, we will find it.

Clients that have been injured in an accident will see medical specialists within 24 hours after hiring us anywhere in the US. You and your family deserve superior legal representation with trusted medical treatment. We are here to give you both!

Reach all 8 of our offices at 972-972-4444.

We are actively serving injured parties in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Ohio.

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Over 100,000 combined Insurance Claims Settled amongst our attorneys!

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Start Medical Treatment Within 24 Hours


96% of our claims settled without litigation


#1 Most Reachable Attorney. You will get my cell upon request.
Google Reviews
Joseph White
They worked great for me. Handled my case with the highest priority. I strongly recommend this business. Thank you again! (August 2020 DFW CASE)
Kat Gearhart
“Everyone was helpful in my case and quick too. Im very satisfied with how they did their work and got me a reasonable extra cash:)” (August 2020 El Paso)
Derik Sanders
“With the current situation that we have found ourselves in, I do feel better knowing that when I need care or assistance I can still call and get a timely response from my case manager. She has been an invaluable help to me over the last few weeks managing my care and medications with my inability to get my necessary procedures done.. Unfortunately it is to no one’s fault for my suffering at the moment but I am truly grateful for having such a wonderful Law Firm that still shows they care.” (Fort Worth August July 2020)