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McCormick Law Firm

We have 30 + attorneys handling personal injury cases. Mr. McCormick is licensed in 10 states with offices in 15+ states.

In less than 5 years, we have paid clients over $125,000,000 in their pockets and to pay for their pain and suffering and medical bills. 

We investigate like no other law firm or police department in the country. We will get the body camera videos of officers, COBAN videos in patrol cars and canvas the area for local surveillance camera footage. We will prove your case and get you to a medical doctor who can prove your injuries. 

Our goal is to get you healthy and then get you paid.  

Unmatched Results

Results That Speak for Themselves

Within 24 hours of signing a contract, every client gets an email address of each attorney, case manager and medical clerk with their direct telephone number. We get big injury settlements because we consistently speak with our clients about their injuries. Communication is key to a large and swift settlement.

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    $900,000 Commercial Vehicle Settlement in Houston. Our client had a gruesome leg injury and hired a well known gimmick attorney for over a year.

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    A Colorado resident was involved in a motorcycle accident in Denver and we received full policy limits of $1,250,000 in less than 60 days after sending POLICY LIMIT DEMANDS in 2023.

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    $901,500 Work Injury Settlement in San Antonio. Our fell over two stories from a ladder and had four spine surgeries.

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    $1,500,000 settlement for a Houston auto accident involving a mother and her children. Three insurance companies paid out this mother who watched her child suffer a terrible traumatic brain injury.

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    Mr. McCormick was part of an investigation team of attorneys who sought out and signed injured parties around the country who were injured by a Detroit Car Makers…

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    $500,000 +

    Over $500,000 settlement for a client in Tulsa who required multiple surgeries after breaking an ankle in a car accident.

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    $15,000,000 +

    Mr. McCormick was part of a settlement team that reached a Mass Tort settlement against a major Drug Manufacturer for over $50,000,000.

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    In 2023, Mr. McCormick and Phillip Ripper secured a $4 million plus settlement for a client who had a major spine surgery after a fall from a work accident in Texas.

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    Over $725,000 Settlement for a family of 5 who were traveling from San Antonio to the Houston Airport on a winter holiday when the at fault driver ran a red light totaling both vehicles involved.

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