Most Common Questions
after an Accident

You only have an injury claim if you have an injury. If you don’t get medical treatment, there’s no medical documentation to prove an injury. Some people can have lost wages without getting medical treatment so there is a way to get a smaller injury settlement if you have lost wages but no medical treatment. Often our clients can’t afford medical treatment so we set them up with doctors who generously agree to get paid at the end of the case. We then submit the medical records, bill and lost wages after you MAKE A FULL RECOVERY to the insurance carrier to get an offer. Some people need treatment for 3 weeks and others for 6 months. We try to get an offer 30-45 days after you end treatment. For most of Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Arkansas and Oklahoma these doctors can see our client’s within 24-48 hours.
Yes in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. There is no formula for calculating “pain and suffering”. In these states, we submit your medical bills, lost wages and future medical recommendations to the insurance carrier and they make an offer based on that PLUS “pain and suffering”. There is no such thing as two times X or four times Y to reach a # for pain and suffering.  It is important to make a “damage model” to express your pain and suffering plus economic damages. We do this in every case by a proper investigate into the facts of the accident and the injuries. Our doctors specialize in the mechanism that cause auto accident injuries and therefore can testify in their medical notes and at trial about your “pain and suffering” and the long term effects.
Yes. We do not care what % anyone is at fault. This is a mechanism an insurance carrier created to make you believe you do not have a claim. In Texas. every auto accident has at least two options for settlements for any party involved. Call us and let us see if one or both still apply. This is how we see it: If you are 25% at fault and you get $30,000 is it any different if you were 0% at fault and get $30,000?

We practice in 7 different states and the statute of limitations varies greatly to file a lawsuit. It’s best that you tell us the facts of the case and we explain. For example, on some auto accidents in Texas your statute of limitations could be 2, 3 or even 4 years.

However, if you just want to file a claim with the insurance company that is slightly different but most carriers won’t pay you unless you are within the SOL.

When you are hurt as a passenger you are considered “Negligent Free” which means there is NO way that you could be found at fault for causing the accident. If there is insurance coverage, you are nearly guaranteed a right to recover a settlement in most states. You actually have a possibility in most states for three settlements when this occurs. Give us a call and we can explain all three settlement options or email me at
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