Over $125,000,000
paid to clients in 5 years!

Our fee is 33% and if we don’t win, you owe us NOTHING!

Over $125,000,000
paid to clients in 5 years!

Our fee is 33% and if we don’t win, you owe us NOTHING!

Injury Attorneys
thousands helped, millions paid

Experience Matters

4-6 Months

Our average time frame to settle a case

24 Hours

See an MD tomorrow!


Experienced Attorneys Licensed in Multiple States Ready to Help.

Policy Limits

Our only demand to insurance companies is Policy Limits.

No Fee Unless We Win

McCormick Law, Car Accident Attorney
W. Cagney McCormick and his 30 + attorneys have a reputation for being the most aggressive injury firm because they don’t back down. They are not afraid to take the difficult case and take the case to trial.  Mr. McCormick is licensed in 11 states and has one of the largest investigative teams in the nation.   Our early success in 2023 is already taking the industry over. In 2023, we have reached $15,000,000 + settlement for a client and put over $10,000,000 in her pocket in less than 18 months. Then the following month we settled a work accident case for over $4,000,000.

WHO ARE OUR DOCTORS?McCormick Law, Car Accident Attorney w$

The moment you sign with our firm, we will be making every effort possible to put you into a rental car and be seen by a medical professional within 24 hours. Due to our size, experience and network our clients can be seen anywhere.


There is not a city, town or county that we don’t have available chiropractors and pain management doctors for our clients. We even have Pain Management docs who can do Telemedicine Consults!


You did nothing wrong in an accident and you are not required under state law to pay for your medical treatment upfront. Our doctors will bill the insurance company or at fault party directly so you don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on co-payments, deductibles or upfront charges. Then our investigation starts, we will get the police report, officer body cameras, witness statements and photos of your injuries and property damage. We can meet with you in person or you can sign up electronically so we can start this process faster.

EVERY CONSULTATION IS FREE AND 33% FEEMcCormick Law, Car Accident Attorney w$


We have a three step approach to get you the largest settlement possible. 1. Investigate: We will do more than any firm to get the facts necessary to guarantee a settlement and liability decision. 2. Medical Development: You have no case unless you seek proper care. We will get you that treatment with no upfront cost, deductibles or prepayments. 3. Negotiate EVERYTHING: Your pain and suffering portion of the settlement needs to be negotiated to the highest degree. Our insider knowledge of the insurance industry can help you fight the claims process to obtain POLICY LIMIT compensation.McCormick Law, Car Accident Attorney
Car Accident Attorney

Little Rock Office

400 West Capitol Avenue Ste 1700
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Phone: 501-500-4444

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    McCormick Law, Car Accident Attorney w$

    What our Clients are saying about us!


    My case was difficult from the beginning. The severity of my injury wasn't immediately obvious but was getting worse. The responsible insurance company was refusing my claim. Then McCormick took my case. Their team walked me through every step, listened to my complaints/concerns and made sure I got the medical care and therapy that I needed right away. Then they got the maximum payout from the insurance company. I cannot thank McCormick Law Firm enough!



    From day one they made sure that I was getting medical treatment that I need and they have also communicated with me very well. Instead of just one person handling everything they assign different people to different parts of your case. They are also very patient and understanding to life situations that we go through while dealing with the case or being out of work. If one thing I can say great about them is how involved and how responsive and professional they are at the same time they speak to you at a level which is very understanding to help you understand everything that happens. I would definitely use them again and I also recommend them. They exceeded expectations and more.



    The McCormick firm has been responsive to my needs from the first day of contacting them due to a auto injury, hit from behind.  I've been in pain and they've made sure to not only refer me to the right professional chiropractors/doctors/specialist to help me get through the pain but also follow up at least every two weeks with me. You would think I'm their only client how often the team communicates to me. Even with me having to take time off work they were patient and understanding. I love that there's not just one person tending to my needs. Also, anytime I have questions, I can call and they're very responsive. I would definitely recommend this Firm to my family and friends!



    They are handling my current case, They make me feel my case is no.1 on their busy agenda..Thanks so much...!!!



    I am very satisfied with McCormick Law Firm they did an excellent job and did all of the footwork I didn't have to do anything but receive my check I was just shocked and very grateful thank you guys for all that your hard work


    Thank You for Your Service, I just wish I had reached out to You sooner. You were very Informative and Fair under the circumstances, Yes I would most definitely recommend you to my Family and Friends. 😊👍👍