Thousands Helped, Millions Paid.


Get healthy, Get Paid!

Thousands Helped,
Millions Paid.

Get healthy, Get Paid!

Injury Attorneys
thousands helped, millions paid

Experience Matters

4-6 Months

Our average time frame to settle a case

24 Hours

See an MD tomorrow!


Experienced Attorneys Licensed in Multiple States Ready to Help.

Policy Limits

Our only demand to insurance companies is Policy Limits.

Be more than a claim number McCormick Law, Auto Accident Lawyer

No Fee
Unless We WinMcCormick Law, Auto Accident Lawyer

W. Cagney McCormick is licensed in 11 states including. We have helped thousands get their cars repaired, receive medical consultations, and complete pain and suffering settlements.

With 30+ experienced attorneys, we are ready to serve claimants who have been in a car accident resulting in devastating injuries, including broken bones, burns, amputations, severe lacerations, and spinal cord & brain injuries.

Our insider knowledge of the insurance industry can help you fight the claims process to obtain POLICY LIMIT compensation.

To get the SETTLEMENT YOU DESERVE, we must be aggressive in your medical treatment.McCormick Law, Auto Accident Lawyer

The moment you sign with our firm, we will make every effort to put you into a rental car and be seen by a medical professional within 24 hours. We have MDs available to see you immediately.  


WHO ARE YOUR DOCTORS?McCormick Law, Auto Accident Lawyer

We have CHIROPRACTORS ready to see our clients within 48 hours. Many of our chiropractors will even pick you up after an accident.


WHO PAYS FOR TREATMENT?McCormick Law, Auto Accident Lawyer

You did nothing wrong in an accident and you are not required under Michigan law to pay for your medical treatment upfront. Our doctors will bill the insurance company or at-fault party directly so you don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on co-payments, deductibles, or upfront charges.

Once you sign a contract, our investigation starts. We will get the police report, officer body cameras, witness statements, and photos of your injuries and property damage. We can meet with you in person or you can sign up electronically so we can start this process faster. 


HOW DO WE GET YOU MORE $$?McCormick Law, Auto Accident Lawyer

We have a three-step approach to get you the largest settlement possible.

1. Investigate: We will do more than any firm to get the facts necessary to guarantee a settlement and liability decision.

2. Medical Development: You have no case unless you seek proper care. We will get you that treatment with no upfront cost, deductibles, or prepayments.

3. Negotiate EVERYTHING: Your pain and suffering portion of the settlement needs to be negotiated to the highest degree.
McCormick Law, Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto Accident Lawyer

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    What our Clients are saying about us!


    I highly recommend McCormick law firm as your injury attorney. I was in an accident that caused back pain from whip lash and they helped me get chiropractic treatment which was very much needed and a settlement for injury as well.



    My attorney Alex Carrier is a top notch attorney. She was an articulate, highly competent professional who was able to communicate clearly, and listen to and understanding all of my questions and objections. I hold all professionals to a high standard, and she has met it. I highly recommend her.



    Thank to McCormick Law Firm for settling my claim with Traveler Insurance . My claim had been in a holding pattern for over a year. Hired McCormick. Immediately went to court against my insurance and settle my claim. Would I hire McCormick Law again. Yes !!



    It is a really great law firm . They stay in contact and update you as your case goes along . They have been really good as far as getting the right doctors and worked on my case well. I will recommend 5 out of 5



    I contacted McCormick law firm after I was hit by a car while riding my bike. McCormick law firm has contacted me frequently to see how I am doing and have been staying on top of getting approvals for different medical procedures needed to ensure that I am cared for properly. I would definitely recommend this law firm.



    Excellent Service. This law firm is very professional. They helped me since day one of my accident. I am very very happy for all the staff that helped me through my accident. I will go back to them, if I need to see a lawyer again. I would highly recommend this law firm.