Thousands Helped, Millions Paid.

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$15,000,000 + DFW Settlement

$4,000,000 + DFW Settlement

Over $125,000,000

paid to clients in 5 years!

mccormick law firm
mccormick law firm

Over $125,000,000
paid to clients in 5 years!

Injury Attorneys
thousands helped, millions paid

McCormick Law, Accident and Injury Attorney

Experience Matters

McCormick Law, an injury law firm w$

4-6 Months

Our average time frame to settle a case

24 Hours

See an MD tomorrow!


Experienced Attorneys Licensed in Multiple States Ready to Help.

Policy Limits

Our only demand to insurance companies is Policy Limits.

Be more than a claim numberMcCormick Law, Accident and Injury Attorney

No Fee Unless We Win McCormick Law, Accident and Injury Attorney

W. Cagney McCormick and his 30 + attorneys have a reputation for being the most aggressive injury firm in Texas because they don’t back down. They are not afraid to take the difficult case and take the case to trial.  Mr. McCormick is licensed in 11 states and has local attorneys and offices in every city in Texas. When Texans travel to other states, the McCormick Law Firm can fight for them. When out-of-state TRUCK DRIVERS hurt Texans, we can go after them in their home state!

WHO ARE OUR DOCTORS?McCormick Law, Accident and Injury Attorney

The moment you sign with our firm, we will be making every effort possible to put you into a rental car and be seen by a medical professional within 24 hours. Due to our size, experience, and network, our clients can be seen anywhere in Texas.

HOW FAR DOES OUR NETWORK REACH?McCormick Law, Accident and Injury Attorney

There is not a city, town, or county in Texas where we don’t have available chiropractors and pain management doctors for our clients.

WHO PAYS FOR TREATMENT?McCormick Law, Accident and Injury Attorney

You did nothing wrong in an accident and you are not required under Texas law to pay for your medical treatment upfront. Our doctors will bill the insurance company or at-fault party directly so you don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on co-payments, deductibles, or upfront charges. Then our investigation starts, we will get the police report, officer body cameras, witness statements, and photos of your injuries and property damage. We can meet with you in person or you can sign up electronically so we can start this process faster.  EVERY CONSULTATION IS FREE AND 33% FEE Every consultation is free and our fee is 33% of ONLY the injury settlement. Our competition lists fees at 40% and 45%. We do not believe in taking more than our clients get.


We have a three-step approach to get you the largest settlement possible. 1. Investigate: We will do more than any firm to get the facts necessary to guarantee a settlement and liability decision. 2. Medical Development: You have no case unless you seek proper care. We will get you that treatment with no upfront cost, deductibles, or prepayments. 3. Negotiate EVERYTHING: Your pain and suffering portion of the settlement needs to be negotiated to the highest degree.

McCormick Law, Accident and Injury Attorney

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    What our Clients are saying about us!


    Highly recommended. This firm was diligent and capable and represented us with skill with our PI case. They helped us settle. Some of the previous negative reviewers don't understand that lawyers can't be glued to their phone 24/7 updating their clients or else it compromises their case prep. The firm kept us updated appropriately when necessary. They were more than competent. We're very happy with their work.


    The McCormick law firm, and to name Mr. Cagney McCormick himself is a kind and professional gentleman. Derrick Long is a saint for dealing with my crazy mental health issues Derrick was so professional and efficient as well. The firm in itself is run so smoothly and such a nice place. They are there every call EVERY EMAIL I sent such swift response. This should always be your go-to place for any injury or auto claim. They will work until they win and indeed they won. Great job guys and gals, Persia, Derrick, and Mr. McCormick Thanks soo much, and y'all just rock thanks for getting my life back.



    Received my settlement. Took about 9 months but it was worth the wait. This accident took a toll on my wife any I but thank God at the end it was all worth it. Thank you Mc Corminck Law Firm for fighting for our case. Our lawyer was Doreen Appiah. No complains with her. We recommend her to anyone needing a good lawyer. We was assigned a good lawyer who was on top of our case and communicating updates with us. Thank you



    100% recommended. Even when I thought no one could help me with my case and the other firms didn't want to take my case they took my case, helped me and got more than I expected. And the attention super friendly.



    I highly recommend this firm. The entire team demonstrated sincere care, and determination, and rarely found integrity in litigating and settling my case. I would like to personally thank Daisha, Derek Long, and Wes Muniz.



    I highly recommend using McCormick Law Firm. I was involved in a car accident 6 months ago and we just settled in July. I would like to thank Leslie Martinez, Patrisia Marquez, Irene and the rest of the staff for helping set up my appointments but most of all checking in on me. You're the best. Thank you.