Over $125,000,000
paid to clients in 5 years!

McCormick Law, Car Wreck Attorneys

Over $125,000,000
paid to clients in 5 years!

McCormick Law, Car Wreck Attorneys

Injury Attorneys
thousands helped, millions paid

McCormick Law, Personal Injury Lawyer

Experience Matters

McCormick Law, Personal Injury Lawyer

4-6 Months

Our average time frame to settle a case

24 Hours

See an MD tomorrow!


Experienced Attorneys Licensed in Multiple States Ready to Help.

Policy Limits

Our only demand to insurance companies is Policy Limits.

W. Cagney McCormick & Kyle Mathis have a reputation for running the most aggressive injury firm in Colorado and have represented thousands of people across the nation. Mr. Mathis has a long history of representing injury clients from Denver to Dallas. 

Mr. Mathis as a licensed Colorado attorney and COO of McCormick Law Firm has achieved a $15,000,000 + settlement in 2023 for a client in less than 18 months of the accident. The client received over $10,000,000 in her pocket. Less than 30 days later in 2023, Mr. Mathis settled a work accident case for over $4,000,000.00.

WHO ARE OUR DOCTORS?McCormick Law, Personal Injury Lawyer

The moment you sign with our firm, we will be making every effort possible to get you seen by a medical professional within 24 hours. We have chiropractors and pain management MDs available immediately.

WHO PAYS FOR TREATMENT?McCormick Law, Personal Injury Lawyer

You did nothing wrong in an accident and you are not required under law to pay for your medical treatment upfront. Our doctors will bill the insurance company or at-fault party directly so you don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on co-payments, deductibles, or upfront charges.


Every consultation is free and our fee is 33% of ONLY the injury settlement.

HOW DO WE GET YOU MORE?McCormick Law, Personal Injury Lawyer

We have a three-step approach to get you the largest settlement possible.

1. Investigate: We will do more than any firm to get the facts necessary to guarantee a settlement and liability decision.

2. Medical Development: You have no case unless you seek proper care. We will get you that treatment with no upfront cost, deductibles or prepayments.

3. Negotiate EVERYTHING: Your pain and suffering portion of the settlement needs to be negotiated to the highest degree.

Our insider knowledge of the insurance industry can help you fight the claims process to obtain POLICY LIMIT compensation.McCormick Law, Personal Injury Lawyer

Kyle Mathis

Kyle Mathis - McCormick Law Firm -Injury Attorneys

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    What our Clients are saying about us!


    When I wasn't able to trust my own insurance company to properly handle my accident McCormick Law Firm and their entire team we're very precise and dependable through the entire process and I would personally recommend them to any and everyone I know! 



    I was referred to this attorney from my brother n law . I must say I’m very pleased with the service they provided for me . They made sure I got everything I was to get . I will choose them if I have to again for anything……. I will definitely put this law firm out to anyone who need a lawyer.



    Our experience was really good with the company. It took us a while to complete the whole process but Melissa handled our case and was really professional about everything. Would highly recommend service from McCormick.



    They were very Hands-On and kept me informed the whole time and would call me and check on me and see how I was doing and my settlement was more than I would expect it I was very pleased with them and would recommend them to anyone that needs a lawyer.



    My experience has been amazing Jason is everything I need and want in an attorney! I know I’m not the easiest to work with but every time I talk to Jason he’s got an update for me and he’s so respectful! I will continue to work with Jason for all the cases! You rock Jason!!! Keep it up we need more attorneys like you!



    From the first email I sent requesting advice I was offered excellent advice and services. It was a terrible event that brought me to need an attorney which resulted a positive impact on my life. Thank you to the entire team at McCormick Law.