Thousands Helped, Millions Paid.

Most Reachable Injury Attorney in Arkansas.

Clients Get My Cell.


Thousands Helped,
Millions Paid.

Most Reachable Injury Attorney in Arkansas. Clients Get My Cell.


No Fee Unless We Win

W. Cagney McCormick  is a licensed Arkansas attorney who has handled over 100,000 insurance injury claims.

With our state headquarters in Little Rock and 20 + attorneys employed across Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, we are known for being one of the most aggressive injury firms in the South.

We are not afraid to take the difficult case and take the case to trial.  


The moment you sign with our firm, we will be making every effort possible to put you into a rental car and be seen by a medical professional within 24 hours. Due to our size, experience and network our clients can be seen anywhere in Arkansas. 

 How Far Does Our Network Reach? Far…

We are proud to partner with Arkansas Chiropractic Group in getting reasonable and proper chiropractic treatment for our clients throughout the State of Arkansas. They have 8 offices across the state.

Our clients that need pain management or an orthopedic evaluation will see Pinnacle Spine and Orthopedic in person in Little Rock or via TELEMED consultation.

We can even pay for your travel to see our MDs in person.

We also have MDs available in Memphis, AR/TN for East Arkansas residents.


You did nothing wrong in an accident and you are not required under Arkansas law to pay for your medical treatment upfront. Our doctors will bill the insurance company or at fault party directly so you don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on co-payments, deductibles or upfront charges.

Then our investigation starts, we will get the police report, officer body cameras, witness statements and photos of your injuries and property damage. We can meet with you in person or you can sign up electronically so we can start this process faster. 


Every consultation is free and our fee is 33% of ONLY the injury settlement. Our competition lists fees at 40% and 45%. We do not believe in taking more than our clients get.

How Do We Get You More?

We have a three step approach to get you the largest settlement possible.

1. Investigate: We will do more than any firm to get the facts necessary to guarantee a settlement and liability decision.

2. Medical Development: You have no case unless you seek proper care. We will get you that treatment with no upfront cost, deductibles or prepayments.

3. Negotiate EVERYTHING: Your pain and suffering portion of the settlement needs to be negotiated to the highest degree THEN unlike most firms we will negotiate EVERY medical bill with a goal to get 60-70% of your bills reduced to put more money in your pocket. 


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